Product Review: Mil-Tec RECOM One Man Tent Coyote
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I don’t like sleeping in a tent with anyone else, so I tend to stick to one man tents. The Mil-Tec RECOM Coyote is the perfect one man summer tent. It is not the cheapest on the market, but unlike the cut-rate brands sold at the big box stores, this baby will last. Generally army gear is far sturdier than the crap sold at Wal-Mart and the like, which often falls apart after a year or so. this tent is double stitched, and I have not had an issue with the seams leaking, which as all campers know can be a common problem. After two years and many outings it has not torn, ripped, or otherwise suffered any damage. If you’re into dispersed camping, and the camp site is some miles down a solitary trail, this is good product. It rolls up nicely to be tied onto a pack, and is relatively light weight. The fiberglass poles are heaver than aluminum poles, but the difference in weight is manageable (2700g), especially since fiberglass is much more durable and stronger than shitty aluminum. It comes with a draw string bag that can be shoved into your back pack. The shell is polyester, and the ground sheet is polyurethane. There are ventilation holes on both sides and the door has a mosquito net that can be zipped up to keep the bugs and critters out. If the night is warm the net and ventilation comes in very handy. It is wind and storm proof, and has an outer shell to add an extra layer of protection.  I would not use it for temperatures below freezing, but for moderate weather this is a perfect fit. It is 94.5″x53″x33.5″, so there is a little extra storage space for gear you don’t want exposed to the elements. I have found this product online for under 100 dollars, and it is well worth it. I hope you have as much fun with this tent as I have! You can’t go wrong with this bit of gear.

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