Paypal Customer Service Is A Disaster
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PayPal, trash.

Three years ago had to have my bank block them because had a scammy co billing me via their platform despite calling PayPal asking them to stop letting this company bill me through their platform. When PayPal didn’t resolve the issue the 1st time, I had my bank block PayPal.
Countless people have been having issues with PayPal, and I certainly wasn’t the 1st.
So when I finally get on the phone with an agent, (their online customer support chat was nonexistent) the agent can’t figure out what’s going on. She blamed my bank.
I called my bank. Wasting more of our time. You know how PayPal likes to do.
Just look at their online customer support, nonexistent. They make you read a multi-page FAQ which is IMPOSSIBLE to get your problem resolved. ATLEAST you’d think they’d have online chat agents?
My bank explains to me what’s going on, and with 110% certainty can see it’s an issue with PayPal.
So now I’m pissed, because I’m realizing PayPal is wasting my time, and isn’t handling their shit.
So I’m on the phone with the agent again, yet calm. It’s not her fault. It’s their shitty system. But she tells me the same thing.
Mr. Waite, we’re unable to see the problem.
She then tells me she’s going to have to transfer me again. Not a surprise. And the next agent tells me the SAME exact thing.
Mr. Waite, we can’t see what’s going on. Let me transfer you to another department.
At that point, I had enough. I asked.
May I have your agent number, please?
So I can tell now I have her attention, and she decides to take the call alot seriously. She punches a few numbers, then she finally figures out what’s going on.
She states …
  1. I have (2) accounts with the same email.
  2. I have a charge of $4 from Goddady years back.
  3. I can resolve it, but it will take 3-4 business days to have the account unfroze.

Now again, I could care less about having a PayPal account, but I have to update a plugin I need to be able to handle my business and the company that I have to update my payments with to be apart of this monthly service is now only taking PayPal. Why? I did make a friendly request asking them to have some other payment options.

Who in the world is even wanting to use PayPal nowadays?


So I resolved the $4 payment allegedly with Goddady, despite the fact I’ve been doing business with Goddady seamlessly for the last 10+ years w/no problems…

And instead of having to log on to the Better Business Bureau website and file a complaint with PayPal, I can now pay this petty extortion or legitimate fee, and get over the pain of their inadequate customer support system.

There’s no WAY PayPal has an A rating with the Better Business Burea by the way. Maybe they receive an A rating for how they hand complaints on the platform? If anyone knows, comment below.

Better Business Bureau PayPal



It certainty wasn’t the PayPal customer service agents fault. It was the system of PayPal. And for ages PayPal has been scamming people, freezing their accounts with no remorse, and making overall customer service a complete drag. I can’t wait till more of these blockchain innovations come around and disrupt the finance industry some more.
If you want to see what we’re up to at OpFreedom, we just put this site up.
For those of you who don’t know what blockchain is, most of you are pretty smart though and have researched a tad on this. Maybe this video in layman’s terms will help you better understand about it.
Long gone are going to be the days of disastrous customer service, and long waiting times to process payments and transactions…
Hopefully. 🙂

How do you guys feel about PayPal?
What are some of YOUR experiences with PayPal?
How do you think blockchain is going to change things?

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