Major Mistake I Made In Business
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3 years ago I had an internet marketing business.

It sucked because I sold info products to people who WANTED to make money.

Why didn’t I instead sell products to people who ALREADY had the money?

I was making little money, although the money was barely sufficient to allow me to travel with, and atleast get enough experience to start future businesses with.

But …

Like Grant Cardone says, and I’ve said it in previous blog posts:

Where’s my money?

He’s stating that, because he’s telling you it’s easier to go to where the money is, versus trying to go where there’s absolutely no money.

I made the mistake the hard way. Had I had great mentors, I could have side stepped this mistake.

Think of it like this…

Would you help a small business owner who has a small mindset and small bank account, or someone who’s generating MILLIONS of dollars in revenues and profits per year, and understands the value in reinvesting in their business?

Paying for services is a drop in the bucket to them.

Shoot, it’s a tax write-off to them.

They don’t think of it as “costing” money, but getting the monkey off their back.

To get where they got, they had to invest in their business, and they haven’t forgot that.

Instead of the broke minded small businesses owners, instead …

Go where the money is ALREADY at.


As of late, I’ve been experimenting w/a strategy that landing me a $3K per month client years back.

It was through Craigslist.

I’ve been using Craigslist, some scripts, but mostly no scripts.

It’s been a little experiment.

Now that doesn’t sound much, but I outsourced almost 100% of the work from my 1st client doing this, and kept $2K per month.

Honestly I could charge $10K, or $20K for my services YET, but I’ll get there.

It’s all a numbers game.

So thinking back to when I got my 1st client, I was getting paid for about 3 months work, while doing NOTHING.

Outsourcing EVERYTHING out…

If I was smart, I would have continued to find more clients, and repeated the process.

I could have built a REAL marketing agency, but it didn’t dawn on me to do this.

But I was too mad about my results through affiliate marketing and selling to broke people, versus focusing on what I could have built out, and w/leverage.

Lessons learned.

Batteries recharged.

As they say …

You learn more through your failures, then your successes.

As of late though, I’ve been committed to experimenting w/those client generation strategies again.

Are you too feeling the same?

As well you’ve seen where  building the “drop-shipping” store here on the site.

Hopefully soon we can provide you w/some solid and free content to piss off the guru’s online.

110% free content.

As far as drop-shipping …

If your not sure what that is, it’s basically a site where people can go and buy your products.

I don’t own any of the products. People go to the site here, buy the products, and I have a supplier who owns and stores the products, and then ships out the product to those who bought off our store.

So we’ve been building those two little experiments over the last month.

Want to help out in some way building the OpFreedom website? Contact me through Facebook, and we’ll chat some more.

I don’t know…

I was so pissed off the last couple of years that I “failed”; that I didn’t create a a REAL business that made me enough autopilot income to last me the last (3) years sitting on the beach …

But I’ve been committed to “getting back on the saddle” as they say…

And I’m excited to help share that store and that information here, so people like you can duplicate that success.

I’m going to post a LONG blog post here in the couple of days that shares how I’m doing this.

There’s going to be ALOT of cool tips and tricks there for you to build a digital agency.

But if you learned anything from this blog post …

Make sure you don’t make any stupid mistakes like I did …

Take notes from this blog post.

It will save you 2-3 years of wasting your life lol

Promoting “get rich quick” info-products to broke people and employees…

By the way, David Wood literally did go crazy.

Focus on selling real products and services to people with money, and these are larger small businesses and medium sized businesses with the money.

If these businesses make $1 million per year in revenues or profits, that’s a great size they have money to grow and expand. If they have 10+ employees, that’s an even better sign.

Again I’ll post this blog post here real soon. Make sure to subscribe to the blog, and be on the lookout for it. Alot of guru’s online are selling this info for $995 w/$1495 upsales. You’ll get more information and tips, all for free.

Here’s a couple of cool articles you should read. Some Cool business hacks.

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