How We Created The Prototype For OpFreedom (Ecommerce Site) For $54
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Okay so your gonna’ like this, and it’s going to help you ALOT w/building your ecommerce site, or any site at that.

So if your smart like any bootstrapping startup, you want to save as much money as you can on traffic, or other doodads.

And why spend so much money if you haven’t validated your idea yet?

In our case, we knew that more than likely SOMETHING would sell on this store.

Although our goal is to first just dropship some common items from AliExpress, our long-term vision is to create our own products.

So here’s how you can spend $54 to build prototype.

First, your gonna’ need your url and hosting. I paid $13 for my hosting by searching Google for “Godaddy Hosting Coupon”, and came across a deal for around $1 a month hosting, w/a FREE domain.


I could have bought hosting, that offered a free SSL certificate with it.

Your gonna’ need an SSL certificate to sell¬† products on your site.

Most of you experience folks around know that.

Next, I went to good ol’ Fiverr, and paid a guy $10 to install my WordPress theme just like the demo of the ecommerce template I bought.

So $13 hosting & free domain. $10 my Fiverr guy. $31 for my Bivio WordPress Ecommerce theme.

Total: $54.

But to be fair, had I chose the right hosting plan where I had a free SSL certificate from the jump, I probably would have paid $25 more? Take for example using Bluehost, or maybe Godaddy.

Several people advised of “free” options via the Facebook groups, but my lack of technical knowledge kept me from doing it.

OpFreedom Prototype

It’s super ghetto, but hey… it works for now. Gotta’ landing page on the front end to capture some leads, and basic pages to start selling products and services to people. That’s all you need to get started. Who knows what this will turn out to be in the future.

And here’s the super ghetto logo that I just did for free tonight using LogoMakr. I’ll use 99 Designs after some sales come in and the page and products have been validated.

OpFreedom Prototype Logo

You don’t need money to get started! Find free ways to make it happen.




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