How To Write A Blog Post – (Tips, Tools, Traffic Hacks!)
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Below are just some of the simple hacks and tricks we use to get lot’s of free organic traffic.

If your website isn’t already setup to generate traffic, isn’t mobile, and you haven’t made the necessary SEO hacks to your site, you might work on that first.


If your struggling to get alot of traffic to your blog posts or products this blog post is going to be particularly helpful to you.


These are the same strategies we’re using to build OpFreedom from ZERO subscribers to 10K subscribers in a little over three month. (That’s the goal atleast!)


One of the #1 problems I see bloggers or Ecommerce marketers making is they’re writing blog posts that have NO traffic.

Think about it, if you were building a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, would you want your restaurant in the country where there’s no traffic, or where there’s TONS of traffic.

Would you invest your McDonald’s location to be in this spot?

Or here…

So their traffic either…

  • Isn’t sufficient.
  • And or they’re not writing to their target audience.
  • Our target audience is Digital Nomads for example.

So we’re helping people make more money online, and have more freedom in their lives, and live the “location independent lifestyle.”

Ask …

  1. What’s trending right now today, this week, this month, this year, over the long-term?
  2. What’s already working in the search engines.

And this is very easy now being that we have free and paid tools


What’s Trending Now?

Google Trends is a great initial tool to start out with.

It won’t work alone though, but it’s a good start.

Simply go to the site, and see what’s trending now.

Notice that the Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan has just passed today.

And what a damn shame. She produced one of the most iconic Cd’s of the 1990’s. 🙁

Now Dolores and the Cranberries might not have alot to do with digital nomads, but you get the drift.

What if we found a trending topic for you, and wrapped it into what your already doing with your products and services.

Something you might also want to do is look at the little graph on the right, cause it let’s you know how fast the traffic is probably going to die after you write the article.

How long will my traffic last?

What are the short term and long-term trends?

You can adjust Google Trends to see longer-term trends.

Now remember also, you can also type in a a topic or keyword, and see what’s trending for that specific keyword.

So the name of the game is experiment.

Use different keywords.

Go where the traffic is.

Think of traffic as a school of fish.

Make it easy on yourself.

Where’s the fish already?

And how can you tie in these articles to your target audience and community?

How can you write these posts better?

Use more photos?

More citations?

More info-graphics?

Can you get a hoard of people to then share your content without having to do it yourself?

We’ll go into that tactic below!

Probably the best tip of the post if you’ve made it this far!



One strategy I like to use after going to Google Trends is going to BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo let’s you put in the keywords your interested in talking about, and it will show you what’s been working, what’s been trending, and most important what’s been sharing socially online, and who’s been sharing it.

All you have to do is pick the keywords your writing about, target the articles that you like, and have the most shares, and write a similar article, maybe better, maybe with a better take, and tie in those new people to what your doing on your website.

Ask those people to share your content!

These tools show you exactly who they are, and how to reach them!

Let’s take the Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordana as  the example in the BuzzSumo search box.


So notice all the shares!

Use BuzzSumo to find who’s targeting that content, and ask them to share your content.

Set a goal of atleast 100 people that you want to share your content.

Now this is a very viral post, so you’ve got ALOT of key people who could share your content.

Out of those atleast 100 you choose, you’ll probably get around 2-5 people sharing your content.

Doesn’t sound like alot, but it’s HUGE.

Especially if the people who are sharing, are also getting lot’s of share from their content.

Check out Ahrefs to help locate these people who are sharing this content, and to ask them to share your content as well.

It’s a fantastic tool to supplement BuzzSumo.

If you don’t have alot of time to track these people down, use Fiverr to have them do the heavy lifting for you. For $5-$15 per day, you can probably have them email these people with your email. And you might consider using QuickMail for this, so Google doesn’t consider you a spammer and block your email account.


Using the Google Search Engine

It’s not my favorite, but it was a go to strategy before having BuzzSumo and Ahrefs.

It’s still going to help you though with your traffic generation.

So here’s how it works, and you probably already get a descent understanding of it being you use it from day to day.

Google will provide long-tail keywords for those keywords, even longer-tailed keywords for those keywords when you scroll over them.

Pick a keyword.

Let’s take Dolores O’Riordana of the Cranberries again.

Notice the long-tail keywords that pop up as you type her name?

These are additional long-term keywords that you might explore, or add to the SEO of your blog posts.

Notice also the top articles that are on top of the search engine after you hit enter?

Since this particular example is a recent news category, Google is sharing news sites with pictures on the very top, in a way where you can scroll left to right.

Scrolling down though, you’ll start to see the articles that are posting and ranking in the Google Search Engine.

You’ll notice that there are a few articles ranking higher in the search engines vs what BuzzSumo shows were the most viraly socially shared articles.

It still gives you a great understanding though what’s working.

Maybe your small, but you still can penetrate that content and get a small piece of this huge trending pie!


  1. Can you write better articles?
  2. Can you write better titles?
  3. Can you tie in the content to your existing base?
  4. Can you attract new users and organic traffic from this new base of traffic your attracting?


At the end of the day, you can’t guess what your target audience wants to read. You’ve got to find out what’s already working, and see if you can provide more value in the market place. Creating not only a better blog post or videos is important. But consider using video, info-graphics, or anything that makes your content 10x better and fun than your competitors.

Does that make sense?

What tips do you have for attracting more organic traffic?

Leave your tips below.



RIP Dolores O’Riordan

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