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How many times have you heard …

Where should I buy my domain at?

Or …

I don’t have money for paid traffic, what should I do?

In this blog post, we’ll tackle both with a simple hack.


So yesterday on Facebook, I was on Justin Cener’s “Cener Shopify Mastermind.

It’s a great little community that can really help you with your Shopify store, or where you can get more tips for any type of store that you have.

In the community someone posted the infamous question:

Where Should I buy my domain from


So here’s how your gonna’ save ALOT of money from here on out…

Cause you KNOW your gonna’ be needing alot of domains for all those stores and advertising credits to validate your products.


1. Logout of all hosting and platforms where you’ve ever bought domains from, hosting, or web development products.

Each of these websites have cookies, or data that you’ve previously purchased from them in the past, and maybe exclude you from any further discounts in the future.

Especially if you’ve already used this hack before.

You want to ride it out as long as you can.


Logging out doesn’t provide them information, so they’re willing to put out all of their value on the front end, not knowing if your a new customer or not.


2. It doesn’t matter what company you use. Ipage, Goddaddy, BlueHost, WpEngine, whoever … your gonna’ type their “name” and “coupon.”

So for example:

Godaddy Hosting Coupon

And the total $12.97?

Not bad.

GoDaddy Receipt


3. Bonus Hack: Advertising & Product Credits

By the way, besides saving on Godaddy, you have some options for getting some free advertising options or coupons sent to your email inbox if you request them.

I know we’re talking alot about Godaddy here, but it’s the platform I’m most use to, and most often find better coupon offers with product coupons.


For example, after my latest hosting + free domain purchase last week, afterwords they offered me a coupon for $300 in FREE Yelp advertising, $100 FREE credit with Google Adwords, and as well received a Netspend® Small Business Prepaid Mastercard® coupon.

Not bad for a $13 investment.

Yelp Free Ads

Free Google Adwords


If your running an Ecommerce store, then you know how important it is to have cash on hand.

If your spending a ton of money on advertising, and have little money to buy your products from say AliExpress after your customers buy on your store, then how are your going to buy your products to full-fill your customers orders?

A credit card or secured credit card offers an invaluable solution, and as well your building business credit for your business.

As Robert Kiyosaki states:

Rich people love credit. Poor people hate it.

You’ll want some type of credit card, and if you don’t have great credit, paying for a secured credit card for your business is a perfect fit.

Just make sure you have your business in line, and your secured credit card is in your businesses name.

Plus keeping all your income statements in one place makes things alot easier to run your books.

Especially since your going to make some great online money right?

Netspend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard

There you go, a quick little hack for you to save a ton of money.

In the next posts, we should get more into digital nomad lifestyles, and how they make money online and on autopilot while enjoying the good life.

We didn’t talk about how to get an SSL certificate free for your site, but that’s another blog post.

Make sure you subscribe to our site, and let us know below in the comments what you thought, or what your favorite hacks are when buying domains, hosting, or even tools for your sites.

Oh …

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