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General Questions

What is OpFreedom?

We are a community and movement of digital nomads, helping other digital nomads gain freedom. We do this through video interviews, written blog posts, and also through our gear on our store.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who can travel around the world, and make money online, or freely. In today’s global economy, you can easily earn money online, and save money travelling, or living abroad.

How can I participate in the OpFreedom movement?

You can easily reach out to Aron and I. At some point, we will have several people helping out with the project. No matter your level experience, or interest, feel free to reach out. Our #1 purpose is just to help people get free. And we’ll help you any way we can.Integer congue leo metus.

Shop Questions

If my products in the store suck can I return them?

Absolutely. If your not 110% satisfied, you can immediately return them refund. No questions asked.



Join Our OpFreedom Team

Can I help with OpFreedom?

Absolutely. No matter your interest or skill-set, we’re CONSTANTLY looking to expand our movement. We’re easy to work with, and we could CERTAINLY use your skills. Reach out below to myself Jason Waite below, or to Aron Duhon. You can help us now ASAP w/the movement, and we can also help you anyway we can in helping you make more money online, or also find more work for what your passionate about. Msg us now. 🙂

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