What Has School Taught Us?
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What Has School Taught Us?


Are you thinking the same thing?

Many of us are in college debt.

Pew Research Center Student Loans

We live in an era, where we’re about to see one of the greatest transfers of wealth in the educational institutions, as more and more people catch on to the educational ruse: modern day education.

We’ve heard it over and over again.

Go to school and get a high paying jobs.

Guru’s pontificate over it.

Many of us are pissed about it.

And it’s not just about college or the modern day university systems, but the high schools.

I work in the high schools, junior highs, and from time to time the elementary schools, and I’m frightened.

I’m scared that my child will have to go through that same hell.

That same wastage.

The ruse.

The lie.

Why is it that our educational institutions can’t be taught by successful people?

Maybe it’s because they’re out they’re doing it.

Why after all would they waste their time in such a pointless system, when they could be teaching more people out in the world how to do it through their actions.

I hope my child learns the art of finding mentors.

Of finding people who’ve “done it.”

If your a digital nomad, or freedom seeker, your probably wondering the same thing.

Many of us have now read the same books…

… I mean we can keep name dropping.

All of us are in search of deep knowledge, because the modern day educational system has let us down.

Now we have to do something about it.



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